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Why Us?

What are the benefits to having the Gum Gal remove gum pollution from your property?
Go to Great First Impression

Great First Impression

It’s not only unsightly having all those splotches of gum on the pavement outside, but your customers are angry before they even get to the door when they’re trying to clean gum off their shoes. With a clean walk outside they’re more likely to carry a smile inside.

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Healthy and Hygenic

Those discarded blotches of chewing gum are magnets for dirt and bacteria. With the Gum Gal, you’ll grow good will before your customers step in the door rather than incubating a petri dish of harmful spores on the sidewalk outside.

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Safe and Non-Toxic

Others use a toxic mix that soaks into the ground when they’re done. For example, very often they use acetone, Xylene and sodium hydroxide (lye). Do you want customers tracking in flammable, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals from outside? Of course not, and it’s not a concern with the Gum Gal.


The Gum Gal will leave your property free of gum pollution using ONLY a water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable detergent. In fact, at most, we use about eight gallons of water all day while other methods can waste as much as 8,000 gallons in a day to clean a smaller area.

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